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I have not been posting for a few months now and some of you may be wondering why. I got busier over the holidays and found it hard to begin again, now i am trying to get back on track to my weekly schedule, i have come up with some new ideas and thought of some changes i want to make to my blog.

  1. Making it more professional, previously i have been editing simple photos and adding typography over the top however, i plan on taking my own photos to suit the post then editing them as i did before.
  2. Making it stand out, i want to give my blog some personality and write more fun and interactive posts to engage with other bloggers or simply someone interested in reading.
  3. Keeping to my schedule, i was not very good at this before and my new plan is to write the post and edit it on the weekend.

My blog posts will include beauty, travel and recipes.

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Country jobs

imageI have always wanted to live well in the countryside but if your not sure what jobs you could have in the more rural locations I’ve been doing some reasurch.

Here are some more farming type of jobs I will do another post on general and unique jobs if that’s what you’re looking for.

1. Wool farmer, owning sheep is a really fun but exhausting experience, if you want a dog you could work together to heard the sheep.

2. A fruit and vegetable farmer, if you have more of a green thumb and love knowing that you are working towards a goal many try this.

3. Sell gin, if you are not so much into animals but more the views you can make and sell gin.

4. Renting out land or work for someone else, people are always looking for a place to keep their life stock.

5. Rent out land for events, anything from a music festival to a country festival

6.  Sell firewood or create art/ furniture from trees. If your creative you can try to carve wood to make a sculpture it will take practise but you feel very rewarded just make sure to replant small trees

7. Have your own business, if your passionate about something why not go for it, after all everyone’s always wanted their dream job

8. Rent out a second house to visitors or build a holiday house for people to stay if you have a stunning view from your garden

stay Positive!


Starting to live a minimalist life

image.pngI’m trying to discard the clutter from the house so it looks cleaner and more open. It also makes cleaning the house much easier! These are some tips and tricks that I have learnt from starting off.

1. Give yourself a day to go through everything, it is stressful and gives you an unneeded negative feeling for the rest of the day. You should walk round your house and sort out one room at a time, it takes time to do so plan ahead and if you want to replace something consider the cost and is it worth it? You may not want to go through every small item so if you have a box of objects that you know you don’t care for anymore just put that straight in the not keeping pile.

2. If you don’t need it, don’t question yourself give it away! It may sound simple but the longer you think about something the more you will feel like you want to keep it.

3. Charity pile, organising you belongings into piles helps you look at the amount of items you have and may persuade you to rethink some of your decisions. Create a charity pile for those things that you don’t need but someone else less fortunate might. It is a great thing to do and very satisfying to drop of at your local charity. It is well worth the journey if you don’t have one close by, think about how something thing you own could affect someone else and if it is better if with them than you.

4. When you have sorted out your home it will look a lot less cluttered so when you go shopping you will be more reluctant to buy new things which is handy for your wallet. Try to buy more pieces of art and wall decorations to make your home feel more welcoming, when you walk into your house you will feel more positive and proud of what you have achieved.

5. It makes your home more modern, it is extremely trendy to have white furniture and space at the moment so when you have guest they will compliment you more on your home.

6. It makes you realise what your house it really like, it opens your eyes to furniture once hidden behind paperwork, if you have a study this is very helpful as you have somewhere to move your paperwork to and a little getaway.

7. You can realise how little you need, you must have seen how people living a minimalistic lifestyle have few what you would think are everyday items,you would notice that you don’t need 3 of something and there are smaller,cheaper alternatives to items.

Hope this has helped if you are trying to live with less clutter.

Be positive!

Cheaper living: boat

image.pngCheaper living is a thing that everyone wants to achieve especially if you have just finished university and are in a lot of debt.

when you think of cheaper living people don’t immediately think that a boat could be a solution.

I was watching a programme which really inspired me about a young couple who want a more affordable house to live in. They went into the project with not much of a plan but had the idea in their head.

You should never underestimate someone as I thought that they would not succeed in their journey to live in a boat but when it was completed the finish was stunning.

when owning a boat you only have to pay living costs such as food,water, and costs of travelling In the boat so that you can keep it in a river.

They decided to buy a large boat for £5,000 ( which was a extremely reasonable price for the state of the boat ), and redo it. In the end it cost £20,000 including the boat cost and included a en-suit master and very modern interior design.

After watching I defiantly recommend getting involved and trying the boat lifestyle if you are looking for cheaper living as averagely a house is now £300,000 so they made huge savings.

It also meant that they could travel to different places without hassle do is perfect for a traveler.

You just need to make sure that you can have a flexible job that works around it.

Hope you enjoyed the post I’m trying to do more lifestyle posts. I really appreciate and enjoy reading feedback from everyone and if you follow or comment when I go back on my laptop I will do the same to you. Sorry I missed my last post, I have been having a really difficult time with mental illnesses at the moment I hope you understand.

Stay positive!!!

January blues

image.pngJanuary blues

People get January blues when you have to go back to the daily routine. January gives you a fresh start so why is it so bad and how do you loose those January blues?

It is already 1/25th through the year of 2018. I think this year will bring a more positive vibe to everything even though it’s not been the best start.

How to loose the January blues

1. You must set your mind to something, if you want something it won’t just come to you.

2. Quit the routine unless it’s working out well you must keep your mind active and busy not able to guess what will happen next.

3. Look for motivation and inspiration, it’s all around you success so watch those people and see what they’re doing right.

4. Go out of your comfort zone, you will never meet new people unless you start talking to them. You may like a Change whether it’s the way you dress or how you approach situations.

5. Find out the best way to relax, everyone has different likes and dislikes so find out what relaxes you so you can do that thing when you want time along. Most people find drawing, reading or listening to music helps.

10 minute exercises to loose weight

If one of your New Years resolutions was to do more exercise and become fitter this year then here are some quick exercises to do over the week

Did you know that skipping game you did as a child is actually proven to be the best way to loose weight?

Take it slowly but push yourself! You must be dedicated to notice results but give yourself a rest when you need to and of course drink plenty of water. It is actually recommended to drink eight ounces of water daily.

Try to give yourself rest days in between if you don’t want to be regretting it and not able to move the next day. This is a week of workouts targeted at your legs and abs. Remember exercise will also help you gain muscle so you are stronger for the new year.


Starting with inner thighs.                       3 sets of each

25 leg extensions

25 side leg extensions

25 deeps lunges

25 side leg raises


This is for the abs                                     3 sets of each

20 leg raises

25 flutter kicks

20 scissors

20 knee crunches


Rest day


Targeted at your glutes                         3 sets of each

20 side lunges

20 bridges

20 plank back kicks

20 kickbacks


This is a routine you can do without jumping of the sofa             3 sets of each

20 half squats

20 raised leg circles

20 sofa dips

20 climbers


This is targeted at your arms           3 sets of each

20 push-ups

20 punches

20 bicep curls

5 mins of jump rope

Sunday last day

This is shorter as you could use it as a rest day, it’s one of each             2 sets of each

20 push-ups

5 mins jump rope

20 jump squats

20 climbers

I hope you can see a small difference and feel happier if you keep going well done!

You should feel accomplished !

5 things 2017 taught me

2017 was a good year for some and a shocking year for others, it taught me many things which I did not realise until now reflecting on the year. Happy new year to everyone as I think now I can say that for all/most countries.

  1. Confidence. First thing was I had a lot of changes with school and I put myself out there more with speaking to others. You will never get on with everybody but if you struggle talking to others then just talking to four more people is a great achievement to be proud of. I was unhappy with thinking of everything and saying nothing so slowly but steadily I want to change it and 2017 defiantly helped me improve those skills.

2. Cooking. I have always loved to cook the feeling of accomplishment that I did it myself and the amazing smell in the kitchen. I stopped cooking so much for a while because of stress and being busy but made time because I missed the experience, it is also a great skill to learn, there was a huge thing last year which seems like it is happening this year as well with going vegan, I want to ease into becoming vegetarian and see how it goes but now I know so many more recipes and it has brought flavour back to my life.

3. Planning. I used to be extremely bad at organising and planning out what I was going to do, I think cooking has also helped as you have a certain order which you do the steps and having limits brings pressure but it makes you quicker if you were to do it again and teaches you how to improve. With planning everyday I look at what tasks I need to do throughout the day. It also can be calming to write a journal for each month as you can do little sketches at the same time.

4. Clearing your mind. Stress is a major issue of mine which I’m trying to loose, my mind thinks twenty things at once and doing simple things like going out somewhere I worry about everything, when I get home if I saw someone I would go over the entire convocation thinking what I could have said and how everything would have changed if I did something differently. I recently found that reading a blog is very relaxing with a sweet scented candle next to you. I also unwind by having a bath with one of my million of bath bombs, its sort of an addiction but I think it is for everyone, and sketching away even if you don’t believe you are an amazing artist.

5. Not everything will turn out well. Since I live in England there has been a lot of political debates as I’m sure there is with most countries and voting then not winning can be exceptionally shattering, especially when you were almost told you would win. I watch the news to see what’s happening in the world but try not to be to engaged as all the news is just depressing. I did not accomplish everything I wanted too last year but I’m happy with what I have done and I am now a much happier person.

I will go into more detail on these topics in other posts, live every moment with the ones you love.

The body shop review of the coconut collection

coconut set bodyshop blog

If you live in England of the Uk you might of heard of The Body Shop, it is similar to bath and body works and is a store which sells beauty items. My favourite scent that they sell, although I do also love the mango fragrance, is coconut. To me it smells amazing! It has a really tropical feel and all the products in the collection have the same scent, ( I say this as often products say they have the same scent but seem completely different).

I wanted to add reviews as a subject that I have on my blog as I enjoy reading them and want to share my opinion on products to help someone decide if they should or shouldn’t buy it.

The collection is the coconut premium collection, I believe that coconut is also the best selling collection for the shop as well. The price is listed at £30 although, if you check regularly there will more than likely be a discounted price for it.

So the shop brings you in by its amazing smells from outside and discounts making you think that is it cheap and worth the price but is it?

I wanted to start of with the most popular body butter, online it is £6 on its own and is 6.75 OZ, it has a lot of product and is packaged really well for a gift or storing in your bathroom. It feels very smoothing to the skin when you first touch it and the product spreads and really moisturises the skin. The only thing I would say is that it can be slightly cold or that could just be mine and it has not got a strong aroma.

For £6 as well you can buy the exfoliating cream body scrub. I would say that I’m not so keen on this product for the reasons that, it is a very strange texture and so it looks very unorganised in the packaging also, it can take a while to properly get it into the skin and for me I cant notice a huge different after applying it.

For only £2 you can get the shower cream, in my opinion it is the most worth the money, it is packaged really well in strong plastic, the smell is really strong and lasts after you have used it and it comes out slowly so that you don’t use too much at once. It is a winner and I defiantly recommend it.

For £8 you get the body mist which is 100ml and packaged in a glass bottle, I think it looks really sleek and is glorious to smell, it lasts most of the day and is great for a gift. I would say that my only critique would be that the lid is not very sturdy so it has not got much grip if your holding onto it or tacking it somewhere so not recommended for travel.

At £5 you can get the coconut hand cream, it works wonders if you have dry hands and there is not much else to say, it has very good ingredients for your hands and my only criticism would be I use a lot of it so would appreciate some more but maybe that is because I love it so much?

I think all of these products are great and love them that was my review,  lastly, I wanted to say that I love this brand because of the fact that they give back as much as they can and help different charities!

Enjoy the rest of the day and today make yourself the priority!


Dealing with pressure

So I was going to do a post about how to keep your new years resolutions, but I wasn’t feeling it.

I then got a new idea, I wanted to write about pressure and expectations. I don’t feel like pressure is often thought of as a ‘major’ topic however, I have dealt with it a lot in my life especially recently.

It is too easily pushed aside but pressure is something everyone experiences, it shapes the way you are as a person dealing with a scenario in a different way. There is no right way to deal with a situation but there is a way that has less negatives than the other. I am one of those people that after saying something or watching something will completely analyse what could of happened if something changed. I always think I should of said something or done something in a different way. There is so many different ways life could go and you are shaped completely by those around you. You share your thoughts and your life with other people and trusting them is not always appreciated.

You can grow up in a rich or poor community and end up with the same job or wealth or live in the same area. You get different chances in life to everyone else but you cant choose the people you are always with. We now have more freedom then we used to but that doesn’t mean you can say no to something and that will be the end of a debate.

You can feel pressure to do something just so the other person will benefit, when I was younger I completely let others take advantage of me in that I would want something but say that I don’t to please the other person. We can never completely hide our emotions but we should look more at toddlers as they say what they think and everyone respects them. They are all seen as the same and they rarely have to deal with a mental illness or receiving hate from others.

I haven’t talked much about dealing with pressure but you should worry about living up to others expectations, you reach a stage and it is a different age for everyone, when you genuinely think first about yourself and you don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing. Pressure can be from what people around you think you can achieve or someone asking you something but you need to do what is best for you. If you have too much stress on your shoulders think of a different route to the same goal, it may take longer to get there but it keeps you happy and positive.

You shouldn’t think someone else needs to be with you the entire time, I know that I mainly prefer time to myself, take some time out of your day to relax and watch your favourite film or spend some time on your hobby.

I will go more into relaxing in a different post but for now I hope that helped even if it was advice you could give to another person.


Until next time stay happy as you are the only person capable of making your own choices.


Starting over

It’s a new year and a new start. I guess I was waiting until now to restart, you may be wondering why I say restart rather than just start. I used to have a blog that I started when I was only 11 or 12 it was on similar subjects to what I want to tell for this new blog, it went well but I was very limited with what I could do so I started to post less and less. I will share everything with you and go into the sort of things I like such as interior design, animals, fashion, Travel and baking. I will also discuss topics which I would like to give my view on like anxiety, I wanted to start of short and sweet but I will say I’m still working on my spellings.

And please do what is best for you.

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