Dealing with pressure

So I was going to do a post about how to keep your new years resolutions, but I wasn’t feeling it.

I then got a new idea, I wanted to write about pressure and expectations. I don’t feel like pressure is often thought of as a ‘major’ topic however, I have dealt with it a lot in my life especially recently.

It is too easily pushed aside but pressure is something everyone experiences, it shapes the way you are as a person dealing with a scenario in a different way. There is no right way to deal with a situation but there is a way that has less negatives than the other. I am one of those people that after saying something or watching something will completely analyse what could of happened if something changed. I always think I should of said something or done something in a different way. There is so many different ways life could go and you are shaped completely by those around you. You share your thoughts and your life with other people and trusting them is not always appreciated.

You can grow up in a rich or poor community and end up with the same job or wealth or live in the same area. You get different chances in life to everyone else but you cant choose the people you are always with. We now have more freedom then we used to but that doesn’t mean you can say no to something and that will be the end of a debate.

You can feel pressure to do something just so the other person will benefit, when I was younger I completely let others take advantage of me in that I would want something but say that I don’t to please the other person. We can never completely hide our emotions but we should look more at toddlers as they say what they think and everyone respects them. They are all seen as the same and they rarely have to deal with a mental illness or receiving hate from others.

I haven’t talked much about dealing with pressure but you should worry about living up to others expectations, you reach a stage and it is a different age for everyone, when you genuinely think first about yourself and you don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing. Pressure can be from what people around you think you can achieve or someone asking you something but you need to do what is best for you. If you have too much stress on your shoulders think of a different route to the same goal, it may take longer to get there but it keeps you happy and positive.

You shouldn’t think someone else needs to be with you the entire time, I know that I mainly prefer time to myself, take some time out of your day to relax and watch your favourite film or spend some time on your hobby.

I will go more into relaxing in a different post but for now I hope that helped even if it was advice you could give to another person.


Until next time stay happy as you are the only person capable of making your own choices.



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  1. Great post! I do feel like living up to others expectations puts the greatest amount of stress and pressure on you. I have told myself many times that you cannot live for anyone else’s approval but your own, because not everyone will be happy with how you choose to live. They will pressure you to do things or be someone you aren’t, but you have to learn to stay in your own lane and be your own person! 🖤


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