The body shop review of the coconut collection

coconut set bodyshop blog

If you live in England of the Uk you might of heard of The Body Shop, it is similar to bath and body works and is a store which sells beauty items. My favourite scent that they sell, although I do also love the mango fragrance, is coconut. To me it smells amazing! It has a really tropical feel and all the products in the collection have the same scent, ( I say this as often products say they have the same scent but seem completely different).

I wanted to add reviews as a subject that I have on my blog as I enjoy reading them and want to share my opinion on products to help someone decide if they should or shouldn’t buy it.

The collection is the coconut premium collection, I believe that coconut is also the best selling collection for the shop as well. The price is listed at £30 although, if you check regularly there will more than likely be a discounted price for it.

So the shop brings you in by its amazing smells from outside and discounts making you think that is it cheap and worth the price but is it?

I wanted to start of with the most popular body butter, online it is £6 on its own and is 6.75 OZ, it has a lot of product and is packaged really well for a gift or storing in your bathroom. It feels very smoothing to the skin when you first touch it and the product spreads and really moisturises the skin. The only thing I would say is that it can be slightly cold or that could just be mine and it has not got a strong aroma.

For £6 as well you can buy the exfoliating cream body scrub. I would say that I’m not so keen on this product for the reasons that, it is a very strange texture and so it looks very unorganised in the packaging also, it can take a while to properly get it into the skin and for me I cant notice a huge different after applying it.

For only £2 you can get the shower cream, in my opinion it is the most worth the money, it is packaged really well in strong plastic, the smell is really strong and lasts after you have used it and it comes out slowly so that you don’t use too much at once. It is a winner and I defiantly recommend it.

For £8 you get the body mist which is 100ml and packaged in a glass bottle, I think it looks really sleek and is glorious to smell, it lasts most of the day and is great for a gift. I would say that my only critique would be that the lid is not very sturdy so it has not got much grip if your holding onto it or tacking it somewhere so not recommended for travel.

At £5 you can get the coconut hand cream, it works wonders if you have dry hands and there is not much else to say, it has very good ingredients for your hands and my only criticism would be I use a lot of it so would appreciate some more but maybe that is because I love it so much?

I think all of these products are great and love them that was my review,  lastly, I wanted to say that I love this brand because of the fact that they give back as much as they can and help different charities!

Enjoy the rest of the day and today make yourself the priority!



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