5 things 2017 taught me

2017 was a good year for some and a shocking year for others, it taught me many things which I did not realise until now reflecting on the year. Happy new year to everyone as I think now I can say that for all/most countries.

  1. Confidence. First thing was I had a lot of changes with school and I put myself out there more with speaking to others. You will never get on with everybody but if you struggle talking to others then just talking to four more people is a great achievement to be proud of. I was unhappy with thinking of everything and saying nothing so slowly but steadily I want to change it and 2017 defiantly helped me improve those skills.

2. Cooking. I have always loved to cook the feeling of accomplishment that I did it myself and the amazing smell in the kitchen. I stopped cooking so much for a while because of stress and being busy but made time because I missed the experience, it is also a great skill to learn, there was a huge thing last year which seems like it is happening this year as well with going vegan, I want to ease into becoming vegetarian and see how it goes but now I know so many more recipes and it has brought flavour back to my life.

3. Planning. I used to be extremely bad at organising and planning out what I was going to do, I think cooking has also helped as you have a certain order which you do the steps and having limits brings pressure but it makes you quicker if you were to do it again and teaches you how to improve. With planning everyday I look at what tasks I need to do throughout the day. It also can be calming to write a journal for each month as you can do little sketches at the same time.

4. Clearing your mind. Stress is a major issue of mine which I’m trying to loose, my mind thinks twenty things at once and doing simple things like going out somewhere I worry about everything, when I get home if I saw someone I would go over the entire convocation thinking what I could have said and how everything would have changed if I did something differently. I recently found that reading a blog is very relaxing with a sweet scented candle next to you. I also unwind by having a bath with one of my million of bath bombs, its sort of an addiction but I think it is for everyone, and sketching away even if you don’t believe you are an amazing artist.

5. Not everything will turn out well. Since I live in England there has been a lot of political debates as I’m sure there is with most countries and voting then not winning can be exceptionally shattering, especially when you were almost told you would win. I watch the news to see what’s happening in the world but try not to be to engaged as all the news is just depressing. I did not accomplish everything I wanted too last year but I’m happy with what I have done and I am now a much happier person.

I will go into more detail on these topics in other posts, live every moment with the ones you love.


5 thoughts on “5 things 2017 taught me

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  1. Good you are cooking again, I find cooking a major stress buster. And everything is going to be alright. Don’t worry yourself so much😊


  2. I’m glad you were able to take away these wonderful things from 2017. I love cooking and learning new recipes to so I’m glad you’re cooking again. Bath bombs are always a lovely way to destress. Great post & best of luck for 2018 ❤️


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