10 minute exercises to loose weight

If one of your New Years resolutions was to do more exercise and become fitter this year then here are some quick exercises to do over the week

Did you know that skipping game you did as a child is actually proven to be the best way to loose weight?

Take it slowly but push yourself! You must be dedicated to notice results but give yourself a rest when you need to and of course drink plenty of water. It is actually recommended to drink eight ounces of water daily.

Try to give yourself rest days in between if you don’t want to be regretting it and not able to move the next day. This is a week of workouts targeted at your legs and abs. Remember exercise will also help you gain muscle so you are stronger for the new year.


Starting with inner thighs.                       3 sets of each

25 leg extensions

25 side leg extensions

25 deeps lunges

25 side leg raises


This is for the abs                                     3 sets of each

20 leg raises

25 flutter kicks

20 scissors

20 knee crunches


Rest day


Targeted at your glutes                         3 sets of each

20 side lunges

20 bridges

20 plank back kicks

20 kickbacks


This is a routine you can do without jumping of the sofa             3 sets of each

20 half squats

20 raised leg circles

20 sofa dips

20 climbers


This is targeted at your arms           3 sets of each

20 push-ups

20 punches

20 bicep curls

5 mins of jump rope

Sunday last day

This is shorter as you could use it as a rest day, it’s one of each             2 sets of each

20 push-ups

5 mins jump rope

20 jump squats

20 climbers

I hope you can see a small difference and feel happier if you keep going well done!

You should feel accomplished !


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