Cheaper living: boat

image.pngCheaper living is a thing that everyone wants to achieve especially if you have just finished university and are in a lot of debt.

when you think of cheaper living people don’t immediately think that a boat could be a solution.

I was watching a programme which really inspired me about a young couple who want a more affordable house to live in. They went into the project with not much of a plan but had the idea in their head.

You should never underestimate someone as I thought that they would not succeed in their journey to live in a boat but when it was completed the finish was stunning.

when owning a boat you only have to pay living costs such as food,water, and costs of travelling In the boat so that you can keep it in a river.

They decided to buy a large boat for £5,000 ( which was a extremely reasonable price for the state of the boat ), and redo it. In the end it cost £20,000 including the boat cost and included a en-suit master and very modern interior design.

After watching I defiantly recommend getting involved and trying the boat lifestyle if you are looking for cheaper living as averagely a house is now £300,000 so they made huge savings.

It also meant that they could travel to different places without hassle do is perfect for a traveler.

You just need to make sure that you can have a flexible job that works around it.

Hope you enjoyed the post I’m trying to do more lifestyle posts. I really appreciate and enjoy reading feedback from everyone and if you follow or comment when I go back on my laptop I will do the same to you. Sorry I missed my last post, I have been having a really difficult time with mental illnesses at the moment I hope you understand.

Stay positive!!!


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  1. If I could afford it I would remodel a boat and rent it out to couples for a romantic getaway. I probably wouldnt want to live in one permanently myself but I think it is a wonderful investment.


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