Starting to live a minimalist life

image.pngI’m trying to discard the clutter from the house so it looks cleaner and more open. It also makes cleaning the house much easier! These are some tips and tricks that I have learnt from starting off.

1. Give yourself a day to go through everything, it is stressful and gives you an unneeded negative feeling for the rest of the day. You should walk round your house and sort out one room at a time, it takes time to do so plan ahead and if you want to replace something consider the cost and is it worth it? You may not want to go through every small item so if you have a box of objects that you know you don’t care for anymore just put that straight in the not keeping pile.

2. If you don’t need it, don’t question yourself give it away! It may sound simple but the longer you think about something the more you will feel like you want to keep it.

3. Charity pile, organising you belongings into piles helps you look at the amount of items you have and may persuade you to rethink some of your decisions. Create a charity pile for those things that you don’t need but someone else less fortunate might. It is a great thing to do and very satisfying to drop of at your local charity. It is well worth the journey if you don’t have one close by, think about how something thing you own could affect someone else and if it is better if with them than you.

4. When you have sorted out your home it will look a lot less cluttered so when you go shopping you will be more reluctant to buy new things which is handy for your wallet. Try to buy more pieces of art and wall decorations to make your home feel more welcoming, when you walk into your house you will feel more positive and proud of what you have achieved.

5. It makes your home more modern, it is extremely trendy to have white furniture and space at the moment so when you have guest they will compliment you more on your home.

6. It makes you realise what your house it really like, it opens your eyes to furniture once hidden behind paperwork, if you have a study this is very helpful as you have somewhere to move your paperwork to and a little getaway.

7. You can realise how little you need, you must have seen how people living a minimalistic lifestyle have few what you would think are everyday items,you would notice that you don’t need 3 of something and there are smaller,cheaper alternatives to items.

Hope this has helped if you are trying to live with less clutter.

Be positive!


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