Country jobs

imageI have always wanted to live well in the countryside but if your not sure what jobs you could have in the more rural locations I’ve been doing some reasurch.

Here are some more farming type of jobs I will do another post on general and unique jobs if that’s what you’re looking for.

1. Wool farmer, owning sheep is a really fun but exhausting experience, if you want a dog you could work together to heard the sheep.

2. A fruit and vegetable farmer, if you have more of a green thumb and love knowing that you are working towards a goal many try this.

3. Sell gin, if you are not so much into animals but more the views you can make and sell gin.

4. Renting out land or work for someone else, people are always looking for a place to keep their life stock.

5. Rent out land for events, anything from a music festival to a country festival

6.  Sell firewood or create art/ furniture from trees. If your creative you can try to carve wood to make a sculpture it will take practise but you feel very rewarded just make sure to replant small trees

7. Have your own business, if your passionate about something why not go for it, after all everyone’s always wanted their dream job

8. Rent out a second house to visitors or build a holiday house for people to stay if you have a stunning view from your garden

stay Positive!



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